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Ladies faces come in all shapes and for each shape there is a plethora of hairstyle options that will suit. Face shapes are one of the first things students learn in cosmetology schools. There’s the long face, the heart-shaped face, the oval face (considered the most versatile of them all), the round face, and the square face with the prominent jaw. The long face shape in particular is very common around the world and as such is the subject of this article.

Characteristics of a long face

Common features of a long face generally include large, long eyes (often with lush brows and lashes); usually a long, narrow nose; a high forehead; a large cheek area; and a long chin. For those longer, sometimes slightly exaggerated features, there are certain ways that ladies Nageldesign can manipulate their hairstyles to create a balance and then make them appear a little smaller. Luckily, it leaves plenty of opportunity for fun and interesting styles.

First and foremost, bangs are a great way to balance out a long forehead as they help minimize the exposed portion of the forehead. Bangs can be very sultry (check out the soapy hair) and can also look sophisticated and classy. Bangs are very versatile, so you can experiment to find the perfect length and style. They can be worn at any length, from midway between the browbones and hairline to below the browbones and just before poking the eyes.

cheeks and centering

As you move down to the cheeks and center on the face, the overall length becomes a challenge. Again it is easily fixed. Adding volume to your hair is a great way to balance this trait. Added hair volume helps create the illusion of a rounder face. If you have naturally thick or curly hair, you can backcomb it in a way that emphasizes volume, and if not, you can simply use the many tools and products available that add volume to thinner hair.

Minimize the visual impact

If you want to minimize the visual impact of your chin, consider a short hairstyle. A short hairstyle provides a clean break from the chin in a way and keeps people’s eyes from unconsciously focusing under your nose. Hence, you want short hair with enough volume to allow the eyes to focus horizontally. For those women who have a penchant for a longer hairstyle, a great way to balance out an unsightly chin is to trim some bangs at or below the browbones and then leave some side bangs that flare out below or just below the chin Valves.

The hairstyle options for long faces are fun and plentiful. They can be short or long, but remember to add volume and use your bangs to your advantage. Experiment with a variety of styles in front of your mirror so you can see which one suits you best. With all the everlasting possibilities, a long face should not be considered a curse but a blessing!

The most popular hairstyles for fall

There are so many great hairstyles in the fashion industry right now that it can be difficult to know exactly which ones are the most popular and how they can flatter your current look and style. In the past, the most popular hairstyles were very specific in terms of the face shapes they would accentuate. Nowadays, the current designs are far more universal and offer you additional alternatives and possibilities when you want to change your appearance.

There has always been a tug of war between long hair and short hair in terms of the most popular hairstyles, and today short locks are coming to the fore. Famous people have jumped at the chance of a so-called pixie hairstyle and have become absolutely successful! This type of extremely short hairstyle far better suits women with narrow and pear-shaped faces. For those who have a wider or even rounder face, this type of hairstyle might give you a little more chance of how it will look on you.

Hairstyle is definitely

Now let us mention men hairstyles. The preferred men is definitely the bedhead look or the messy hairstyle. Dozens of renowned male megastars have coined this hairstyle and it has become a nationwide sensation. To get this look, all you have to do is grow your own short hair so that you have a good 2 inches of hair all around your head, including your neck, which is usually shaved. From here, apply your gel product of choice and run both hands through the hair to tangle it! Get waves, spikes and unique pieces set for your day easily and quickly.

Superstars currently

When it comes to color, the superstars just recently started another trend with the strawberry hair color. Celebrities took their special blonde tresses and replaced them with a fantastic strawberry that draws a lot of attention. Sometimes you may already be satisfied with your hairdo and if that is indeed the case, how to revitalize your hairdo , the immediate answer is: an excellent coloring job! Although dying your hair can seem like an extraordinary opportunity, let’s not forget, if you change your hair color and absolutely hate it, it’s easy to fix this problem by simply dying your hair your authentic color. You would find roots and maintenance with hair dye, but many girls around the world find that maintenance is really worth their money and time.


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