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Benefits of Automated Messaging & SMS Marketing for Real Estate

Benefits of Automated Text Messaging & SMS Marketing for Real Estate

Is it a company’s goal to maximize profits? Are you a company in need of effective and inexpensive marketing strategies to reach a wider audience? Can you type a sentence and have it go to the right people? If that’s the case, the following suggestions might help you improve your marketing and generate more money.

 Guni’s real estate-focused bulk SMS services are reliable and cost-effective.

If you’re a real estate agent who uses a mobile device. You know how helpful it is to be able to reply promptly to questions or requests from clients by text message. Automated text messages are a great way to get in touch with people quickly and easily. Whether it’s to offer them a free report or details about a property listing. Because you can enlighten the buyers and keep them engaged by mixing messages with photographs, gifs, emoticons, and video, text message marketing is a great way to generate more leads in the real estate industry.

When compared to email, real estate text message marketing has a number of advantages, including the fact that its contents are seen and comprehended more quickly and by more potential buyers.

Here are the five most important reasons why SMS marketing for real estate will be so successful in the year 2020.

  • To get new leads, try searching for certain phrases.

Using real estate text marketing as a lead capture technique may help real estate agents find new clients and keep in touch with existing ones. You save time and money compared to more conventional methods of advertising properties for sale.

For maximum effectiveness, tailor your ads and for sale signs to each individual listing or area by using location- or property-specific keywords. Interested parties may get further details about the property in question by texting the corresponding keywords to the specified number.

Sending a return text with a link to the sales page is a great way to follow up with potential new customers.

The onboarding process may be automated with the help of a customer relationship management system such as Guni Bulk SMS Service.

  • Everyone Who Owns a Mobile Device Understands What SMS Is 

In spite of the distinction between feature phones and smart phones, texting is innate to mobile devices. Since most people already know how to send and receive texts, there won’t be a steep learning curve for your marketing campaign to include SMS.

They can reply quickly because people always have their phones on them. Further, the SMS character restriction of 160 characters is used to great effect in text message marketing.

  • Customers’ Outcomes Can Be Monitored Mechanically

Since purchasing a property is a substantial financial commitment, some real estate leads naturally take longer to convert into a sale. With automated SMS marketing, you can programme in specific reactions to incoming text messages depending on where the recipient is in the purchasing process. Examples include researching available options, evaluating competing builders, securing financing, negotiating a contract, and so forth.

A day or two before a lead’s planned appointment. An autoresponder may send them a Text Messaging to remind them of the upcoming meeting. Using a customer relationship management system and data from things like link clicks and discount coupons, you can quickly monitor and control the behaviour of potential customers.

  • SMS automation may be used to track the success of your real estate advertising efforts.

With the help of the data-gathering function, you may narrow down on the leads you’re most interested in.

Advertising on television and radio is ineffective in the year 2020. Only through learning more about their clientele do successful companies have a chance of delivering on their ROI promises.

With the use of an automated system, a real estate agent may learn more about a lead’s living situation. Preferred neighbourhoods, and financial stability. This data-gathering tool is available whenever you need it.

This information will allow you to add additional real estate listings to your portfolio with no effort on your part. Make use of SMS real estate marketing techniques to provide them with affordable options.

  • Use text marketing to maintain customer interest.

There is a far higher open rate for SMS (98% vs. 20%) than there is for email (80%). Because of this, real estate text message marketing has shown to be much more successful than social media and email campaigns. Moreover, the language used in SMS is more direct and natural, encouraging responses and keeping the dialogue continuing.

Initial contact through SMS marketing may be used to attract clients to form emotional connections with your company. People that opt in to receive promotional and transactional SMS messages from your business are clearly interested in what you have to offer.

In addition to fostering confidence among potential customers, the opt-in strategy shown here also encourages participation. It’s far easier to complete deals when you have leads to follow up with offline before you even start talking to them online.


One of the most cutthroat sectors, real estate marketing strategies are always developing. To remain competitive, businesses must adapt to the ever-evolving marketplace. Text message marketing has surpassed email marketing because of its quicker reaction times.


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