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KineMaster Diamond


Our new blog post will introduce the latest version of Kinemaster Diamond Apk Mod with various functions.

The world is well-known for the video editor KineMaster Diamond. This editor stands out among other video editors like the Viva Video Editor app, Action Director, and Power Director due to its incredible capabilities.

This programme is for you if you wish to edit videos like a professional video editor. Even complete beginners may edit films with this programme because it is so simple to use.

This app is for you if you’re new to video editing and don’t know how to utilise complicated video editing tools.

Of all the video editors on the market, I believe KineMaster diamond is ideal for this use if you are a YouTuber with a channel.

For the same reason, you can also utilise other KineMaster versions, such as Green Kinemaster.

These two have somewhat different functionalities based on the requirements of the video editor.

After its release, KineMaster diamond garnered an excessive amount of popularity. Every video editor is drawn to this editor by its incredible features, abandoning all others in favour of it.

Additional Information

Name KineMaster Diamond
Size 70 MB’s
Developer KineMaster
Developer Mobapks
Category Video Editor
Required Android 4.1 and up
Last Updated 5 November 2

Would you like to get Kinemaster Diamond? The original apk for this version is available here, so you’ve come to the proper place. To download the actual apk to your Android smartphones, you must follow the instructions.

  • To download, click the link below.
  • The moment you click the download button, your download will begin.
  • It will take some time to finish downloading.
  • Once your download is finished, select “install.”
  • You will be requested to grant this some permission.
  • Accept that authorization.

Congratulations, you’ve just finished downloading the KineMaster Diamond.
How to Use KINEMASTER Diamond Click Below:



Watch this video lesson if you don’t know how to use this version of KineMaster. You will learn how to utilize this version of KineMaster in this video, step by step. The entire video should be viewed.

Features of Kinemaster Diamond:

In light of the fact that KineMaster Diamond is well recognised for being used to edit videos for Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, everyone is interested in what distinguishing qualities make it stand out from other video editors. The following is a list of the Kinemaster Diamond features you will value the most.

Watermark absent


Since watermarks upset everyone, they are absent from this KineMaste Diamond. Yes, Kinemaster Diamond is available for free download with no watermark, giving you access to all of the paid features.

Totally Free Premium Features


Everyone is aware that using any tool’s premium features requires payment. However, not everyone can afford to buy these programmes. However, when you download Kinemaster Diamond from this page, you will receive all premium features for free.

Turned on Chroma Key


Because chroma key is crucial for video editing. To enable the chroma key in this edition of Kinemaster Diamond, everyone wants to adjust the video’s background.

Zero Root


We all know that rooting your device is bad for your device, which is why the majority of modded apps required it. But fear not—you can still install this KineMaster diamond version on your Android handset without rooting it.

No Ads


Ads in any type of video editor are among the annoying things that people dislike. Imagine you are editing a crucial video and a pop-up ad appears. You will undoubtedly detest it. Thus, there are no advertisements in the diamond edition of Kinemaster.

Enable Social Sharing


You may share your films immediately to Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube with this app’s feature. You can share your video immediately from KineMaster Diamond after you’ve created and edited it.

Add Custom Music and Sound to your Videos

Yes, you may add original sound and music to your videos with this programme. Any video can have music added to it, and you can easily record your own voice to add to it.

Quick Video Export


Videos at high resolutions like 4k, 2160p, and 30FPS can be exported very quickly. So, getting your video ready won’t take too long.

Internal Camera


There is a camera incorporated inside this video editor. The KineMaster Diamond’s built-in camera may be used to record videos, and KineMaster can also be used to edit recorded videos.

Emojis and stickers


This movie comes with several built-in stickers and emoticons, allowing you to use them to make a trendy film of your own.


Your videos can use slow-motion effects. You can quickly slow down fast clips.

Sync clips

The same clip can be repeated throughout the video or you can merge several clips into one. For YouTubers, this function is really helpful.

Use Is Free

Utilizing this Kinemaster Diamond and all of its premium features is completely free. As with other Kinemaster mods, this is the modified version. Thus, you won’t be limited in your ability to use any tool for free. Additionally, the diamond edition comes with several extra features.

Quick Preview

After making adjustments to any video, you can quickly preview it. There is no need to watch the video teaser at the conclusion. A lot of time will be saved by this tool for video editors.


The only reason Kinemaster Diamond is one of the most popular Android video editors worldwide is because it is one of the editors with a wealth of assets. It contains resources like.

  • Animation
  • Celebration
  • Cinematics
  • Grunge
  • Intro,
  • Modern/Simple
  • Promotional

Image Formats:

  • JPEG
  • WebP
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • GIF (still image only)

Audio Formats:

  • MP3,
  • M4A,
  • AAC,
  • WAV

Export Video Formats

MP4 with H.264 + AAC LC (The H.264 profile depends on the device)

Why KineMaster Diamond:

As is well known, the best video editor for Android users is called KineMaster Diamond. Every video editor now uses it because of the variety of capabilities it offers. Therefore, if you are a YouTuber, you may use this video editor to create any type of video, including news reports, presentations, amusing videos, and slide shows. Additionally, you may use this video editor to create videos for Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.


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