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Best Ways to Organize the Boxes During House Moving

Boxes packing for move

You will need to move boxes, packing materials, as well as tools for transport. Learn how to manage everything by reading our guide. Moving boxes all over the house, packing material everywhere, bits of bubble wrap, and adhesive tape everywhere, are all signs that the end is near move.

We all know that moving is one of life’s most stressful events. It drains our mental and physical energy.

It is crucial to plan for your move. We have created a “vademecum” to help you organize the moment. It focuses mainly on packing materials and moving boxes.

These two elements can make the difference between an easy and quick move and a complex and costly one.

Create a detailed inventory

Although it seems redundant, creating a detailed inventory is vital. On the back of the boxes, write a number, and then on a sheet or in a word file, label the items inside. This will give you a quick overview of the location of all your goods.

This practice allows you to keep the total number of moving boxes under control. This will enable you to calculate how much space is being occupied.

Packaging material

Protective paper, moving boxes, bubble wrap, and ribbons: Don’t cut corners on this material. You can get a quality kit that protects your items up to the max for ten euros more.

You can think of it this way: It is cheaper to spend a little bit more on bubble wrap than it is to return the whole set of plates. A good quality moving box will cost you around 2$ more than a damaged or standard one.

Keep, discard, give

Don’t store things you don’t care about. Give or sell them if the condition is good, or throw them out. But where to sell furniture when moving?

You can also reduce the space required for moving and packaging by giving them away.

Pay attention to the size

Avoid buying moving boxes that are different in size. You can stack boxes one upon the other during transport, and even inside temporary storage (if necessary).

Moving boxes that are too heavy can cause damage or danger to the person who has to transport them. Use small boxes for heavy objects, and larger ones for clothes. Many errors should not be made.

Schedule the different deadlines

You should organize every aspect of the move. Set a date for canning and packing, and a list of deadlines. You will be given some helpful deadlines to help you: when to pack, the deadline for booking the move or the van that suits your needs, and when to transport everything to the new house.

How to do this right?

Rely on an experienced and professional moving company like Perfect Timing Moving. Prioritize companies that offer full service (disassembly, packaging, and inspections are crucial) as well as those that offer insurance and organization. Pay attention to the quotes, as many don’t include VAT.

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