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Airport Management: Beginners guide to starting a Career in Aviation



Airport Management course covers many different areas and the aviation industry is multi-dimensional. Airport Management is a part of Aviation management. The aviation industry is on a continuous rise and is also expected to receive a huge amount of investment in the coming years from the Indian Government. If we talk of the whole world, then the Indian aviation industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors.

Aviation Management

Many academic institutions offer various aviation management courses. Positions in aviation management involve looking after the core operations of an organization specializing in aviation products and services. 

What to expect?

The courses in Aviation management are business management courses having a focus on aviation, aerospace industry, and airline industry as well. Students are being taught management skills that are specific and broad and related to aviation. With the completion of this course, one has the technical skills and knowledge to get success in aviation and get the position of their choice. 

Skills required to have a successful career

Jobs in aviation management require a good understanding of mathematics and engineering. Many positions in this field also require great teamwork with your colleagues. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are what one requires to perform daily tasks. Individuals need to follow the protocols to ensure the passenger’s safety.

A bachelor’s degree in aviation management is the least one shall hold. Although prior work experience is always preferred. Depending on the roles, the job training is also given to the candidates irrespective of the background they are coming from as one has to have in-depth knowledge about the company’s policies, procedures, and products.

A team player is what this industry looks for in an individual. One individual’s mistake can be taken care of by another individual if they work together as a team since there are many lives at stake.

Courses in Aviation Management

One can choose to pursue a Bachelor’s degree or an MBA in aviation management.


This is a three- or four-year course and the admission to these courses differs from one college to another. But the main skills that are needed in a student are strong mathematics, IT, and science. This course will teach you about airplane manufacturers, airplane authorities, finance and business management, sales, marketing, and much more. 

Some of the colleges also offer work placements after the course to gain some work-related experience.


It is a Post Graduate degree in Aviation Management and is mostly taken up by students after a bachelor’s. This course provides a piece of in-depth knowledge about the sub-sectors in aviation. An MBA in aviation management is a more detailed approach to learning. The main focus areas are airline and airport management, air transport, and cargo management. 

Benefits of working in the Aviation Industry

There are many benefits of working in the aviation field which is as below:

Travel Internationally

Traveling internationally is one aspect that attracts many individuals to work in this industry. If a person has good skills and knowledge there are chances of getting noticed among different organizations and getting good offers to work abroad.

Career Growth

When starting a career in aviation management, rigorous management training is given to developing the skills. When you move further in your career to some good managerial position then you will learn new technology. You will find yourself attending business conferences, workshops, and big events.

Understanding different cultures

A major aspect of this field is its social aspect. You will be meeting different people including travelers, employees, clients, and business partners. And the potential to work among various cultures is what you have. 


There are many companies which provide a considerable number of discounts on flights and sometimes a free journey also. You are also likely to receive discounts on car rentals, hotel stays, and even train tickets. That means traveling and saving go hand in hand.

Who shall choose a Career in Aviation Management?

A person working in the aviation industry does not have fixed working hours. This is why it attracts many individuals to work here. But the most looked-up position is of a Pilot. It has great salaries to offer. However, there are many other job profiles one can consider. It is important to choose this industry if-

– You are fond of flying in the air.

– You like traveling in a plane.

– You are not afraid when at height.


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